Message From The Editor

October 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

As editor  and copy-editor of  the a.centric I would like to invite you to partake of the revamped edition of our student run and written newsletter. This is a volunteer driven initiative and part of the student mandate of the UofT Galleries. Through this venue the Galleries hope to engage and encourage learners to hone their critical review writing skills. You will find copies of this twice-yearly edition at the Galleries or in select locations around campus.

Each edition will focus on a different theme that will introduce the public to a wide and varying degree of topics. In this edition we feature International art and artists who have provided an eclectic mix of material to present to our readers.

We start with an absorbing look into the New New Museum and the artist Joseph Drapell who has always gone against the tide of the art world and struck out to follow his own path, never having any doubts concerning his art. The painter Alex Grey is portrayed in another article with an enlightened look into his rather unorthodox portrayal of love with an anatomical twist. Our third review portrays a crucial view of life for a young women eking out an existence in the harsh physical and social world of Uganda.

I hope that you will enjoy this issue and that you would feel free to leave comments and suggestions on the blog.

Chris Le Page

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