Interview with Sarah Ubbi

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

In an effort to shamelessly promote the Visual Studies Thesis Class’ Exhibition “Coterie 21“, I interviewed a classmate (or class colleague. har har.): Sarah Ubbi!

how would you describe your work to someone who doesn’t know you?
I guess I’ve always had an interest in painting, I’ve tried other mediums – drawing and sculpture – but with painting it’s always been the most comfortable for me. I started off with a lot of still lifes, and moved into realist painting. I really like the direct representation of a subject, and over the past couple years the main focus of my work has been on portraiture and people. I find it very interesting to paint people, whether you have a relationship with them or not, there’s always something intriguing about people in painting. Something captivating. Painting, too, is a really good way to capture something more than just the surface aesthetic of someone, there seems to be more depth to it.

and why portraiture?
I find portraits are very interesting, whether you’re the viewer or the painter, there’s this sort of draw, there’s an immediate connection with it. A connection with the viewer and the image. It also gives me the opportunity to connect with the subject, because, if you’re not personally invested, then there really is no point. I think it’s important that the painter express that relationship with the subject. There’s more intensity and emotion that comes through.

what’s the weirdest skill you have that not very many people know about?
(i omitted her first answer – interviewers liberty!)
When I was little, my dad was rebuilding one of his cars and I used to help him. So I know a lot about cars, because I helped him build an engine. I know which cars are good and which aren’t, and I know quite a bit about cars parts. I was that kid.

if you could have anything, what would your last meal be?
It would be my mom’s home cooked spaghetti sauce and spaghetti. Without a doubt. With milk! A glass of milk.


favorite color?

chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?

what do you like better, hands or feet?

if you could hang out with any person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Dolly Parton because I think it would be hilarious, and she really is wicked.

if you had to kill one living person, who would it be?
Beyonce, I have no idea why, I just find her one of the most annoying people.

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