Review: Shayne Dark at Edward Day.

March 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Shayne Dark at Edward Day

Shayne Dark’s sculptural work is on display in his solo exhibit, Forged Landscape at the Edward Day Gallery. The brightly coloured monochrome shapes of the exhibition create a complex physicality reminiscent of organic forms. Dark creates unexpected tree like structures from steel with powder coated polyester paint. While the sculptures’ forms suggested their origin in natural landscapes, the hand of man is clearly evident. Dark’s use of high gloss paint is contrasted against natural form and results in work that has a sense of duality.

Shayne Dark, "Trio"

Each style of sculpture is repeated in multiple variants of colour to create different series. These series are sometimes grouped together and other times arbitrarily placed. “Trio – Transparent Red” is the only exception to this pattern and is the only unique, non-duplicated work present. This striking structure has a greater sense of solidity and appears like three ruby red tree trunks.

Shayne Dark, "Bough"

The well-placed lights in the exhibition space bring the subtle jewel tones—present in most of the sculptures—into brilliant colours. The “Bough” series, composed of inverted trees that hang from the walls, is the only exception to this tonal range. Though most of the works are produced with a coating of similar jewel tones there are also two sculptures covered in neon and matte black paints. Not only does this series have the widest range, and more works than any other series present, it is also the strongest work displayed. These inverted tree boughs take over the wall they are installed upon and cast interesting shadows around and behind them, which further invoke the organic character of the work.

Though an interesting body of work, Forged Landscape, is not as remarkable as Dark’s installation work that often features the placement of similarly brightly coloured organic forms in the natural setting from which they derived. Previous installations like “Red Tide” have a more striking effect, due to the contrasting environment, than the sculptures in the sterile environment of the Edward Day Gallery.

Shayne Dark’s Forged Landscape runs until March 24.

– Sophia Farmer

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